Introducing The Small Business Syllabus

By Cameron McCool on
Introducing The Small Business Syllabus

Tax time is a headache. Accounting is tricky. Bookkeeping is a minefield. As an online bookkeeping service, we hear these sentiments daily.

And for good reason. The world of small business accounting is brimming with jargon, loopholes, and procedures that can sometimes get in the way of you running your business. That’s why we created The Small Business Syllabus.

In addition to step-by-step guides, we’ll share financial hacks and show you how to reduce your next tax bill, how to apply for a tax extension (and why you should), and how to claim all of the small business tax deductions you possibly can.

The Small Business Syllabus is a growing library—we’ll add new guides on a regular basis—so you can count on up-to-date resources to help you grow your business.

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And if there’s a challenging area of business accounting you’d like us to write about in the syllabus, let us know via Twitter or email. We’d love to help you out.

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