New: Better Reporting and a Quicker Way to Collaborate with Your Bookkeeper

By The Bench Team on
New: Better Reporting and a Quicker Way to Collaborate with Your Bookkeeper

This week we made some changes to the web app to improve your experience with Bench.

Here's what's new:

You Can Now Filter Reports with Any Date Range

Previously the Bench web app offered three ways of viewing transaction reports: monthly, quarterly, and annually.

You told us you wanted more, so we integrated a custom date range feature that lets you pull a report of your transactions from any date range you like.

To look at transactions for a particular custom date range, click on the date at the top of the report, select ‘Custom’, enter your start and end dates and press the ‘Save’ button.

As always, you can download any report to Excel.

It's Easier Than Ever to Collaborate with Your Bookkeeper on Individual Transactions

When you click on an individual transaction you’ll notice that the left sidebar slides shut and the transaction pops open on the right.

Use the comment box in the right sidebar to quickly and easily leave a comment on the transaction, and reply to comments from your bookkeeper.

Any time your bookkeeper comments on a transaction it will appear as a notification on your Bench dashboard and on the transaction itself.

You can also adjust your settings to receive comments from your bookkeeper via email.

Things Will Work a Lot Faster Within the Bench Web App

We also built a new reporting engine for Bench. This will reduce page load time, speed up functionality, and make your experience with the Bench web app a whole lot smoother.


Log in to Bench to view these new features in action. If you have any questions or feedback, chat directly with your bookkeeper. We love to hear from you!



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