Work From Home Moments We Can All Relate To

By Cameron McCool on
Work From Home Moments We Can All Relate To

The freedom to work from home is a double-edged sword.

While it can help you escape background noise, shoulder taps, and other office interruptions, working from home doesn’t eliminate distraction entirely. Rather, it exposes you to a different set of frustrations.

We invited Ryoko Iwata, creator of I Love Coffee, to illustrate some work from home moments we can all relate to.



When you’re on a video chat and your dog wanders into the frame.




When your well-meaning partner won’t stop interrupting you.




When your cat walks across your keyboard and sends a gibberish Slack message to your team.




When your laptop dies and you realize you left your charger at work.




When all the neighbourhood dogs start howling while you’re on a conference call.




When you head to a coffee shop to change it up, but the noise is deafening.




When the public wifi is slow because the person next to you is streaming a TV show.




When the work day ends and you’re still wearing pajamas.



Self-taught illustrator and blogger Ryoko Iwata was technically a diplomat before she launched I Love Coffee: A Blog for Coffee Lovers. Read Ryoko’s story in Entrepreneurial Life, and connect with her on Twitter.

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